Women Empowered, Singapore March 2016

/Women Empowered, Singapore March 2016
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An Invitation to all Women

Women Empowered
Discovering your Inner Beauty, Inner Strength & Inner Peace
5 Mar 2016 (Sat), 9.30 am – 4.30 pm, Basic Essence, Singapore
Do you want to …
 Reclaim your sense of empowerment & joy in life?
 Bring out your essence with honesty & courage?
 Engage yourself fully by telling the truth with soft strength,
and receiving love for yourself?
 Proudly embrace your womanhood & recognize your true
In this retreat, we will create a safe and loving space where
you will be nurtured, revitalized and inspired.
We will explore together
 The messages we got from family, friends, culture, and
the media when we were growing up.
 What we love (or don’t love) most about our bodies
and the process of aging.
 What we wish was different about ourselves as women.
 How we feel about our relationships with other
women. What would we change?
 How we can forgive and move on from past pain.
 How we can reach out to each other, trusting there is
enough support, abundance and love for everyone!
What illuminating ‘truth’ will you discover that will set you free?

About Ana Holub
Author, Forgiveness Counselor
& Peace Advocator
Ana is a forgiveness expert,
teacher of A Course in Miracles,
and author of the book: Forgive
and Be Free: A Step-by-Step Guide
to release, Healing and Higher
Consciousness. She has 20 years’
experience in supporting all sorts of
issues including sexual trauma,
anger management, addiction
and recovery and women’s
empowerment. She offers
counseling and emotional healing
to strengthen and enliven your
experience of inner peace. As a
mediator and peace educator,
she has worked with individuals and
couples, for county government
(Family Court Services), with prison
inmates and at-risk families, with
non-profit organizations, businesses
and schools. Her dynamic mix of
services includes work with
individuals, couples, government
agencies, non-profits, prison
inmates, schools and businesses.
“Ana Holub is one of the best
forgiveness counselors in the
business.” – Colin Tipping, AUTHOR,
A heartfelt and soulful thank you for
supporting me so tenderly and
wisely in forgiving myself. I feel so
much lighter now after our session!”
Register by 28 Feb 2016, the early bird fee is *S$350 nett.
Register after 28 Feb 2016, the normal fee is *S$450 nett.
* Fee includes light refreshment and lunch.
To register, email us at delphine.ang@gmail.com