Forgive and Be Free of Your Addictions

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Forgive and Be Free of Your Addictions

An 8 Lesson digital course by Ana Holub

Are you struggling with an addiction? Maybe you are in recovery and want more skills to stay healthy. Or perhaps a loved one is addicted to a substance or behavior, and you just don’t know what to do.

Everyone searches for some kind of inner peace. We just want to be happy, but sometimes we get caught in an addictive, downward spiral instead of achieving the happiness we crave.

This course explores the essential connections between addiction, forgiveness and recovery.  Our misery drives us to drink, shoot up, shop, work and screw ourselves into a hell world of desolation. Fortunately, there is a way out!

A perfect path exists for each person who wants to heal. Your recovery may involve meetings, detox, counseling, diet, exercise, lifestyle and social changes, and perhaps new therapies involving plant medicine. My gently insistent point throughout this course is that our healing must also include forgiveness if we want it to last.

With stories, humor, curiosity and soul searching, we will learn together. I’ve included my own story as well as interviews with people who’ve made the inspiring commitment to liberate themselves, despite their history of alcoholism, heroin and nicotine addiction.

In addition, we’ll explore exciting developments with sacred plant medicines, which are helping people unwind from decades of acute addiction, even to opiates and methamphetamine.

Each lesson includes exercises, meditations, and inspiring examples of forgiveness and healing. With this information, you will receive a direct link to the inner peace that comes from deep, soulful letting go.

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Forgive and be free of your addictions!

Included in this course:

  • 8 lessons – Complete them at your own pace
  • A compassionate, non-judgmental view of addiction and its challenges
  • How to use radical, ecstatic forgiveness in your life for any situation
  • A healing model that is spiritually open and spacious, but not religious
  • How obvious and subtle addictions affect you, your family and your life
  • Looking at the time-line of your life and your triggers for addiction
  • Nine inspiring interviews with normal people who have healed their addictions to heroin, cigarettes, alcohol, rx pills, and more.
  • How to deal with relapse, guilt, cravings and distraction
  • How to build a life beyond addiction: your passions, gifts and purpose
  • Tons of support to help you find your own answers through meditation, journal writing, accessing your intuition and more.

Also included:  Healing Power of Forgiveness audio meditations – Two guided meditations with music

Do you suffer from unfinished business with a relationship, a memory, or some kind of hardship that happened in your life – like an accident, addiction, illness, disability, racism, injustice, you name it?

Do you lose sleep at night thinking about it? Maybe it’s hard to concentrate during the day, or maybe you could be feeling a whole lot more peaceful and fun in your life – except for that grievance you’re still holding.

If so, the Healing Power of Forgiveness audio meditations are especially for you.

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful healing tools on Earth. With forgiveness, you will open your heart and mind. You will release the past and experience more peace…and deeper love.

Forgiveness is good for everyone. It takes honesty, openness and willingness to begin, and it is not difficult to do. With forgiveness, you can enjoy the treasures that are hidden within everything that happens…even the most painful, difficult events and relationships. Forgiveness is a bridge. Follow the bridge, and travel all the way to peace and freedom.

Use these meditations to heal pain and grievances of all kinds: issues around ex-lovers, ex- spouses, parents, co-workers, business partners, children, siblings. The possibilities are endless and the peace you’ll experience when you finish is priceless.

Your mp3 download includes two open-hearted, calming guided meditations with music. The first is an introduction – just to get your feet wet. The second one goes deeper and farther – whenever you’re ready.

Try forgiveness as the answer to your peace and happiness. You deserve it!

“After hearing The Healing Power of Forgiveness, I was floored. It helped me tremendously. Your voice and the way it is put together are just marvelous. I just needed to tell you how impressed and thankful I am. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The power of forgiveness is just astounding, and you have a tremendous gift.” – Earl Boisclair, AA sponsor and domestic violence counselor

“Ana, I’m super-grateful for the coaching we did together. It made a huge difference for me in my recovery from opioid addiction. I’m in a much better place now! I never made this much progress with any other counselor. You were the perfect coach for me!” — happy recovery coaching client, Canada


Here’s a small taste of what you’ll receive in Forgive and Be Free of Your Addictions.

You complete each lesson in your own timing. Each lesson contains helpful Action Steps and much more:

Lesson OneIntroduction to the Course. The four levels, two kinds of mind, your family soup, journal writing, daily practice. What’s your feeling about forgiveness?

Lesson TwoLet’s Talk about Addiction: spirituality, addiction models, recovery. There are many ways to heal: lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, thinking, feeling, forgiveness, asking for help. Dual diagnosis. There’s Nothing Wrong with YOU. What do you crave? What do you avoid? Start your journey into Kindness.

Lesson ThreeHow to Radically Forgive. This is not traditional forgiveness! We’re all beginners, and we’re all equal here. Step-by-step instruction. It’s not hard, it just takes honesty, openness and willingness. You are perfect, whole and beautiful at your core…and so is everyone else. I know, it’s radical. Try it.

Lesson FourSubtle and Hidden Addictions. You aren’t the only one with an addiction. They’re everywhere. We all just want to be free. How subtle addictions invade every day life. You are not alone and you CAN heal.

Lesson FiveHealing and Meaning. Miracles happen to ordinary people. Listing your triggers. Feeling your emotions. The interviews begin here with Laura, who healed from life-threatening alcoholism and rx pill use. Opening up to healing. Remember to forgive every day.

Lesson SixPlant Medicines and Leading Edge Treatment. Ibogaine, ayahuasca, and more. Ana’s ibogaine story. Interview with Carl, who healed from heroin addiction, and Carl’s father, who healed from alcoholism. We need new paradigms and new teachers. Exploring what these tools can and cannot do. They’re tools, not saviors. Each of us must go for the inner workout, supporting each other every step of the way.

Lesson SevenAbout Relapse. Don’t panic. It’s pretty normal. What to do, how to get back into recovery. Interviews with Danielle, who quit smoking cigarettes by forgiving herself, and Elizabeth and Chor, authors of Heart Medicine, A True Love Story: One Couples’ Quest for the Sacred Iboga Medicine and A Cure for Addiction. Use the forgiveness method of Lesson Three to let go of guilt, anger and sorrow.

Lesson EightBuilding a New Life. Virtues from LaoTzu. Reverence for Life. Your talents, goals, passions and purpose. Two more interviews with Lisa Natoli and Bill Free, former addicts and current teachers of A Course in Miracles. Forgive some more! This is a way of life, not a one-shot deal. Recovery is a natural process. Be gentle and kind with yourself and your world. Offer your gifts to a world that needs YOU!

“Hallelujah! I now have the tools that I need to move through this old undigested stuff. My prayer, as always, has been answered.” – Annette

“Wow…I feel lighter and I am able to speak my truth so much easier and more calmly. I have less fear. I am open and flowing…very exciting.” – Tracy

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3 digital downloads – $97.00

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“The love of a single heart can make a world of difference.”
– Immaculée Ilibagiza, from Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust