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FORGIVE AND BE FREE – A Step by Step Guide to Release, Healing & Higher Consciousness

by Ana Holub

Forgiveness will heal you, free you, and catapult your life into a completely new territory of blessings and miracles.

This comprehensive guide offers a step-by-step approach to forgiveness with the spiritual foundation that is necessary for ultimate healing.

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Forgive And Be Free book: $16.95 plus shipping & handling
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Why You Still Need to FORGIVE YOUR PARENTS, and How to Do It with Ease and Grace

by Colin Tipping, Ana Holub, et al.

The authors provide truly inspirational examples of how forgiving their parents changed their lives, telling exactly how they did it.

Perfect for your healing journey, this book will give you inspiration and a loving nudge toward forgiving your parents, too!

Forgive Your Parents book: $14.99 plus shipping & handling
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Poems by Ana Holub

An original collection of devotional poetry to uplift your spirit and inspire your union with the Divine. If you like devotional poetry, this book is for you. Simmering flavors in the tradition of Mirabai, Hafiz and Rumi. A heartfelt description of awakening in poetic form.

“This is real ancient, modern devotional poetry…” – Jai Uttal, composer and kirtan master

“Ana’s poetry captivates you from the first word released. Her creativity stems from someone who is fully present with her spirituality at every moment. Then she paints a picture with words and leaves you spellbound.” — Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda Yogiji, kirtan masters and composers

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