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The healing arts include fascinating, effective and exciting processes for personal and planetary transformation. While it’s possible to learn the technical aspects of the healing arts after years of study, there are also other variables that go into a successful healing experience, for both the healer and the client.

Many of these variables have to do with the energetic clarity of the healer, and the healer’s knowledge about how to keep his or her boundaries clean, clear and grounded.

When I use the word healer, I’m describing someone who facilitates another person’s vitality, creativity, safety, peacefulness, and health. This definition includes alternative practitioners, doctors, nurses, social workers, crisis line volunteers, firefighters, police, neighbors…in other words, anyone who offers caring and support to someone who’s in need.

The true healing power is the Life Force that creates universes – and human “healers” are simply channels of this sacred energy.  After over twenty years of facilitating emotional clearing and as a guide for spiritual expansion, I’ve learned many techniques that help me to keep my personal space clear during healing sessions. You may have noticed, as I have, that if the practitioner’s energy is not clean, vital, and powerful, it affects the quantity and quality of transformation that is possible during a session. A massage isn’t relaxing if the massage therapist feels uptight, and an energy clearing session goes nowhere if the practitioner’s full of weird vibes!

Healers often feel exhausted after sessions, or experience burn-out after a while. This is not, as is sometimes claimed, because they are such amazing healers. In many cases, exhaustion and burn-out occur because they don’t know how to maintain and nurture their own energetic fields.

What to do? There are ways to avoid burn out and remain lively while being a channel for the healing power of Love. I offer the following thoughts as a way to support healing practitioners in retaining our love for the healing arts, while remaining healthy, stable and open to our own ongoing spiritual journey.

Before the session

Prepare by taking time to check in with yourself. Take some deep, cleansing breaths. Remember: you, as an individual, are not the healer. The true healer is the divine Life Force that flows within everyone and every living thing. Dedicate yourself as a humble channel of divine love. By moving your ego out of the way, you make room for a fantastic session to flow through you. In this way, both you and your client will be nourished to full capacity.

During the session

Begin by consciously creating a sacred space – in your mind, heart, body, and in the room, and gently encourage sacred space within your client. Set a clear prayer or intention for the session and welcome the presence of any guides or saints who inspire you. At times, you will include your client in this process. At other times, you will do this part quietly within yourself.

If you find that intense and painful energies are swirling in the room, you can use the powerful image of the rose to keep your energetic field strong and clear. Imagine a rose, using any color or size you like, halfway between you and your client. You may choose to surround your body with roses, and perhaps place them in the corners of the room as well.

The rose is the symbol of the divine feminine, and by using it you are stating your personal boundary of beauty and strength. The rose is one of the best tools for any situation in which you become uncomfortable with negative energies.

Always breathe consciously, being aware of your inbreath and outbreath as much as possible. This will keep you grounded and calm. The extra oxygen will feed your blood, brain and heart.  Conscious breathing takes some practice, and it is completely worth the effort to train yourself. If you feel tense at all, focus on your exhale and breathe out slowly, letting your awareness travel down your spine to your feet.  Throughout the session, fill your torso and whole body with breath, and watch how much more present you can be as a supportive guide for your client.

End the session by consciously completing the sacred space. You may want to include your client and ask him or her to add any thoughts or prayers of gratitude, as a way to close the session with a healing vibration.

After the session

There are several helpful techniques for clearing your energy once the session is over. I immediately wash my hands with cold water, and I imagine that all of the details about my client are washing down the drain.  In this way, I am left with only a simple feeling of love when I think of that person. This gives both of us a lot more space, clarity and energy that can be used for whatever is next in our lives.

If you feel tired, take a shower or a bath with Epson salts. A little lavender or sandalwood oil in the bath will help you to feel good and whole again.  Sometimes, clients will come to “visit” you after a session by coming into your thoughts, perhaps with the intention of asking for more healing energy.  If this happens, simply bless the client with love and compassion. If the feeling persists, give the client a ball of light and show him or her how to get more light from within…not from you. Since divine light is free and inexhaustible, we can never run out of grace and love. In your mind, show this truth to any “visiting” clients, and bless them on their merry way.

Ongoing Spiritual Expansion

Ongoing work on your own shadow side is absolutely essential to keep your energetic field happy, healthy and ready for service. Notice when a client is mirroring to you an aspect of life that you might fear or deny, and take some time to explore it on your own. The more dark places you courageously excavate within, the more you’ll be available as a guide for others.

A practitioner’s energy may become weak or congested because of an assumption that he or she is “done” with learning and growing, and that all that is left is to “heal” (i.e. fix) others. As soon as that thought is held as a reality, the facilitator’s vibrational potency begins to plummet.

So use the tools that you teach to others! Be a student and a client yourself, and allow yourself to be vulnerable and guided, the way you invite your clients to be during a session with you. In time, as your vibration increases, you may not need as much input from others. Choose your healing practioners carefully, remembering that when you make room for deep, humble contact with those who can support you, you connect in a new way with your colleagues in the healing arts community.

Whether we have put in years of in-depth study or not, we can all offer healing as we walk our collective path of awakening. May we open to more light, keeping it strong, clean and vital, so that our hearts can shine – uplifting and bringing peace to the world.

Ana Holub is a forgiveness counselor, teacher and mediator. She specializes in practical skills for your happiness and peaceful inner connection. Get free downloads and learn more about how forgiveness can open up a whole new life for you! Individual, couples or group sessions. Phone sessions available.  http://www.anaholub.com

This piece was first published by Mountain Spirit Chronicles, Mount Shasta, CA (Winter-Spring, 2008)