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About the Real Woman Manifesto

WOMEN – we need to reconnect with our true beauty. Not the false beauty of looking cute, having flawless skin and perfect legs with no hint of cellulite, but our real beauty – the shining brilliance of our loving hearts and creative, intelligent minds. The kind of beauty that celebrates fun, love, laughter, and laugh lines as we age. The sense of ourselves not as “almost OK” but as much more than OK: a knowledge of who we are as soft, strong, beautiful, wise and full of wonder.

I wrote this manifesto on behalf of a young mother with two small children I saw living on the street in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My heart went out to her, although I couldn’t speak enough Spanish to communicate my desire to help. No words were necessary to understand that she and her kids needed a warm shower, a decent meal, new clothes, a home, medical care and an education.

This homeless family deserves a new chance to create healthy, happy, creative lives, and to know that people care about them. Let’s open our hearts, minds and resources to support them and countless others like them — sisters, children and brothers — around the planet.  Together, may we all create the true beauty of heaven on Earth.

Join me! Read the Manifesto and find specific ways you can participate:

The Real Woman Manifesto

Whereas, I am a living, breathing woman of the world and

Whereas, I have a right to speak my mind and share my heart

I affirm:


• I am full of passion, great ideas, creativity, intelligence and soul wisdom.

• My life is my art.

• I celebrate my true beauty and the true beauty of women and girls around the globe.

• My joy comes from sharing the best of who I am with others and the whole of the Earth.


• I am not a mannequin nor a robot.

• There is nothing inherently wrong with my height, width, weight, eyes, skin, body parts, age or size.

• I repudiate the lies offered to me by any society or industry which claims otherwise.

• I refuse to collaborate with those who enrich themselves by encouraging fear in women and girls, and who suggest that we are “not quite right” and need to be “fixed.”

• I release the inner turmoil of believing that I am ugly in any way.


• I choose to focus on self-love and kindness to others no matter what the situation.

• I commit to telling the truth in an openhearted way.

• Recognizing the waste and greed that go into the women’s travesty industries*, I reject them and reclaim my true beauty.

• I free myself and all women and girls to be ourselves, love ourselves as we are, and delight in ourselves as caring human beings.

• With this freedom, I reorient my priorities in solidarity with women and children in need of food, shelter, education, safety and medical care. I offer the wealth I have to help them, knowing we are all equally beautiful and rich in our essence.


Further thoughts, information and ways you can participate:

1) The women’s travesty industries* are:

·      Most fashion and fashion magazines
·      The representation of false images of women and girls in the media:
TV, commercials, movies and the internet
·      Most cosmetics and cosmetic surgery
·      Celebrity worship
·      Billboards advertising false beauty on every continent

*Some people are doing great work to awaken the world to health and peace within these industries. For the most part, these industries need our insistence upon healthy change toward true beauty.

2) Billions of dollars are now being wasted paying for false beauty while billions of people starve.

This is the female equivalent to the military industrial complex. Its greed, suffering and waste deny our heritage of peace and justice on a global scale.

3) To change this scenario, we must change our buying habits and reorient our inner standard of truth and beauty.  Participate with us and the Real Woman Manifesto!  Here’s how:

a)  Take a few deep breaths and center yourself. Say a prayer or positive intention, sending your love to all women, children, men and the Earth. Include health and joy for everyone.

b)  Calculate your spending during the last year for all cosmetics, hair-dying, lash-tinting, waxing, wrinkle-removing, age-defying products, etc. etc., and any other procedures (botox, etc.) and any plastic surgery.

c) Look at the total, and decide how much of this amount you would like to donate to your favorite charity.

d) Make your donation and feel great about being part of the solution. Connect with women, children, men and the Earth who will receive your help.

e) Contemplate how you will re-direct your time, energy and resources from now on to support yourself, your true beauty, and those who need your support.

f)  Send your comments to Let me know about your thoughts and your donations. I’d love to hear from you!