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“Ana’s wise expertise enabled us to discover solutions and made even the most difficult communications possible. Ana embodies a peace, clarity and wisdom which in itself inspired us to handle our conflict with ease. She is an excellent facilitator and someone who sincerely ‘walks her talk’.”

— Danielle Light, ShastaSpirit, Mount Shasta

What is Anger Management?

Just about everyone gets angry sometimes. Anger is one of many emotions that we feel as we live our lives. It can be invigorating…or destructive, depending on how we think and what we do when we feel angry. We can use our anger to inquire more deeply into other, underlying emotions and heal ourselves…or we can lash out at ourselves and others, destroying property, relationships and our good name.

Anger Management is just that – a practical process that teaches you to use your anger constructively, rather than negatively. If you have a problem accessing your anger, or if you use your anger to dominate others or to be violent to yourself, then you need to learn how to change your habit patterns.

Ana has successfully combined anger management, breath techniques, stress reduction and emotional release to create a cutting edge technology that works. Her clients include corporate employees, prison inmates, parents engaged in custody battles, parents and teens, and much more.

Contact Ana for a free consultation to discuss anger management and mediation. Phone sessions available nationwide and through Skype.

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“Working with Ana Holub transformed a tense, strained relationship between two co-workers into a productive, supportive one. Miraculous, as everyone involved had given up on the possibility of a resolution, and yet the whole office atmosphere became more pleasant and energized with better communication.

Ana, your work saved us from a lawsuit. Consider us great fans of yours!”

— Kathleen and Joseph Heller, Hellerwork, Mount Shasta

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of conflict resolution. The people involved in the dispute meet together with a neutral person, the mediator, who serves as the facilitator. All of the issues of the conflict are discussed in a step-by-step process. All participants have a chance to express themselves.

The goal of mediation is to end with a written, workable agreement for the future which is satisfactory to each person involved. Mediation is voluntary and confidential, and can be employed in a vast variety of conflicts.

Important Aspects of Mediation

Mediation is possible with or without an attorney.

Mediation is a low-cost, efficient and effective dispute resolution process when compared to avoidance or litigation.

Mediation is not appropriate in criminal cases, certain domestic violence cases or in precedent setting cases.

Mediation is not therapy and does not include marriage counseling.

Ana’s mediation cases include employee relations, divorce and marital separation, parenting plans, real estate, business disputes, property damage, and roommate conflict resolution.

Additional Services


Peer mediation in the classroom.

Communication skills and conflict resolution techniques for children, teens and adults.


Meeting facilitation for families, organizations, ad-hoc committees, and businesses.