Mediation and Facilitated Conversations

//Mediation and Facilitated Conversations
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There are times when a facilitated conversation is the best way to move a couple or a group of people into an experience of deeper peace.This process is helpful for situations of conflict, hurt feelings, dysfunctional communication, or when a group is trying to expand a common vision.

What is a facilitated conversation?

Getting together with Ana, who serves as a neutral facilitator, each person in the group is heard with respect and support. Ana guides the conversation, keeping it healthy, authentic and safe.  Each participant has time to express his or her thoughts, feelings, misgivings, needs, and desire for peace.  The group gains vital information about each individual person, as well as the goals and intentions of the group as a whole.

While specific outcomes and plans for the future may emerge toward the end of the facilitated conversation, they are not always necessary.  The setting gives everyone involved a chance to be heard, recognized and valued – and sometimes, this is all that’s needed to clear the air. Ana will encourage and teach methods of listening, expressing and relieving stress during the conversation. This process is voluntary and confidential.

Who can use the facilitated conversation process?

The process is ideal for you if you are in a stressful friendship, business partnership, roommate arrangement, neighbor relationship and/or extended family. If tension between you and people you care about is escalating, if you are worried or losing sleep over it, if you are concerned and don’t know what to do….try a facilitated conversation.

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