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“Ana’s integrity and expertise in working with communication skills is compassionate and skillful. The way she blends her knowledge of communication issues with support for participants to find their own understanding shows her mastery and love for the work she does.” — Donna Bringenberg, Facilitator for at-risk families, Northern Valley Catholic Social Services, Yreka, CA

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Ana Holub offers Communication Skills for couples, children, families, and businesses. She also works with at-risk families, juvenile hall and prison inmates.

When communication is good, who needs help? Everything is flowing and everyone is feeling great. But when communication starts to break down or disagreements arise, disputes begin to develop and help may be needed to establish healthy ways of relating.

If you know how to listen wholeheartedly to yourself and others… If you know how to express yourself authentically… You’ll be able to communicate your creative ideas to the world!

“Ana Holub’s work serves as a catalyst for a powerful, transformative interaction between people, especially on issues that are sensitive and need a skilled communicator. She has true courage and knows how to encourage people to come from the best in themselves so as to create a win-win situation. Her contributions to our programs are very popular.” — Jacques Verduin, Executive Director, Insight Prison Project – San Quentin Prison

Ana’s classes are fun, informative and useful. Every session contains practical information that you can use to develop better communication with yourself and others. The skills that you learn will help you in every area of your life, including romance, work, family and community.

Topics included in Communication Skills classes with Ana Holub:


  • How to listen deeply to yourself and others
  • Agreements with others when listening
  • Helpful things to remember when listening


  • How to express yourself safely and respectfully
  • Agreements with others when expressing
  • Body language, breath and other non-verbal cues


  • What to do if you are angry
  • What are the emotions that are underneath the anger?
  • What to do if someone else is angry

Gossip, Infighting and Misunderstandings

  • The harmful nature of negative speech
  • What to do about stressful staff or family relations
  • Specific work on current relationships

Communicating Support and Compassion

  • Working as a team
  • Basics of Non-Violent Communication/Compassionate Communication
  • Looking for the positive aspects in yourself and others
  • Committing to clear communication as a recognized goal

“Our program is run as a student democracy, and Ana’s workshop helped our student leaders learn to communicate, mediate conflicts, and lead school activities and meetings.  Her warmth, intelligence, and considerable skill at working with people all made her an ideal choice for training our leadership council and judicial clerks.  Thank you, Ana!” — Dave Theno, program coordinator, Golden Eagle Charter High School