On my way to SE Asia – January 6, 2016

//On my way to SE Asia – January 6, 2016

On my way to SE Asia – January 6, 2016

Sitting on this immense Air China mega-boat in the sky, I’m feeling a little high. I’m high in the air, crossing the international dateline somewhere over the eastern tip of Siberia. I’m also high on the adventure, trusting the yawning maw of the unknown. I’m making friends with the future. My future. And I’m also beginning to space out on half a magic cookie and half a xanax…

So anyway, I moved out of my home after my youngest son set out for college. Put everything in storage, immediately realizing that the things that gave me such a cozy home morphed into “stuff” as soon as they were tucked into storage. They’ll wait through at least a few seasons in their boxes, piled high together in cold and then warm, patiently sleeping until my next home is called forth out of the mystery. Out of the holodeck. It is me that makes them into a home. And a temple.

I’ve taken my temple on the road. My deepest prayer is to be well used by God in whatever way pleases Her. This also simultaneously pleases me with the most luscious soul satisfaction.

I’m learning to use my new ridiculously tiny tablet keyboard. I’m making boatloads ofmistakes. Oh, and did I say I was feeling a bit high? Time for a nap. Only 5 more hours to go til we land in Beijing.


I’m in the Beijing airport now at 3 am CA time. There is a pagoda with a waterfall and fake lilies. Everything but the water is fake but it gives a glimpse of China…which otherwise I won’t see on this trip. Everyone here is glued to his or her electronic toy, including me as I write this. Everyone wears the same clothes. At the duty free shops, international designers compete for my attention: Ferragamo, Hugo Boss, Bulgari. I feel myself in a space/time warp and also in a few cultural chasms, suspended somewhere between East and West, China and the US, and equally as important, between the material and spiritual planes of existence.

Beijing airportI’m also between young and old at this point in my life. At 54 and in good shape, I feel youthful still, but I’m not hippy hostel material anymore. Geez, I feel my bones creaking a bit. I slept on the plane, and I don’t feel high anymore. I have no Chinese currency to buy water. I’m off to find a water fountain. I wonder what Chinese water will taste like? Flying in, the air quality here was worse than LA. I can’t imagine the water has been saved but I will see…I need some soon.

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  1. Bayla February 9, 2016 at 5:17 pm

    How was the water???

  2. anah0lub February 10, 2016 at 3:19 am

    Water is a huge issue here in SE Asia (as it is in many places). The water in the Beijing airport was OK – I didn’t drink much. In Thailand and Laos, I’m saddened by the degradation of the water supply, to the extent that almost everyone seems to be drinking only bottled water (Lao people perhaps not but definitely the tourists). I try to fill my plastic bottle whereever I can instead of buying yet another one. Especially coming from Mount Shasta, where water and water bottling affects our town so much, I am particularly sensitive to this issue. It is an ongoing forgiveness meditation for me, because otherwise I can get upset about the plastic, the garbage, the state of the water and the state of the Earth. I speak about it to people whenever and wherever I can. The Europeans are aware of the plastic problem. SE Asians seem to be mostly oblivious. I give thanks to everyone who is working on behalf of Earth’s systems, in many many ways!

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