Forgiveness Ceremonies on Mount Shasta

/Forgiveness Ceremonies on Mount Shasta
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Photo by Terry Lawhon


Mount Shasta is known world-wide as a sacred mountain.  Its clarity and power bring deep truth to all pilgrims who come here, often in the most surprising ways.

Ana has lived on the slopes of Mount Shasta for over twenty years. She knows the mountain well, and has hiked and explored many of its crags, meadows and magical springs.

An invitation from Ana…..

“I welcome you to the majesty and soul-clearing vibration of Mount Shasta.  It is truly a gift for everyone.

Mount Shasta’s awe inspiring, intense energy of awakening is no joke….it is very real, and that is why people from all over the globe come here for healing and rejuvenation. Mount Shasta is the perfect place to begin a new chapter by healing old memories, opening new paths, and celebrating your gratitude and willingness to live in peace, truth, love and service.

Please contact me with any questions you have about this amazing opportunity for a forgiveness ceremony….unique and personalized, just for you.”

Forgiveness Ceremonies are offered with pure trust in the Holy Spirit.  No fee is charged, and a donation is appreciated.  A portion of funds donated goes to supporting peace education programs in prisons and support for the inmates.

Counseling with Ana is required before your Forgiveness Ceremony.  Please call or email for your free consultation to arrange the details.