Upcoming Events with Ana Holub & Clear Path To Peace  2017

March 19 – Unity Church in Ashland, OR

I’ll offer a sermon on “Three Lessons of the Holy Spirit, as given in A Course in Miracles” • 10:30 am, 185 N. Mountain Ave. in Ashland, OR.

March 24 – Yearlong Forgiveness Coaching Program

I will guest teach with Eileen Barker. For more information about the program, go here.

May 3 – Addiction, Recovery and the Art of Forgiveness

I will teach a seminar at Circle of Trust Recovery Center in Ashland, OR. This event is private but please contact me if you’d like me to come to your location for a similar presentation.


Rooted in Hope ~ Grief Retreat

with Ana Holub and Kelly McRee

This retreat has been cancelled. We hope to offer it in the fall of 2017, closer to the SF Bay Area. Please contact me if you’re interested:

April 27 – May 1 in  McCloud, California

Are you feeling devastated by profound grief in your life? We want to help.

Loss is a part of life. Adjusting to any kind of loss can take its toll on even the strongest person. Often, we need time and help to get through the most acute stages of grief, anger, regret and disappointment, especially if we feel overwhelmed and debilitated by our emotions. Having support and a safe place to be held and nourished, away from our daily responsibilities, can make a world of difference in getting through the hard work of grieving.

The journey through the grief process is not typically understood and supported by our society. Taking time out of our busy lives to dive deeply into the experience of grief can have profound, life-changing results, helping us to move into new vitality, open-heartedness, and wholeness. We gain a renewed sense of security and stability, while remembering to trust that life holds us in love.

Ana Holub and Kelly McRee have designed this retreat to help you emerge from sadness and loss and into a new way of living. Through our personal experiences with loss and trauma, we have discovered ways to transform grief, pain, and suffering into experiences that have opened our hearts in an illuminated way. We have found new pathways back to joy and life and are honored to share those valuable skills with you. We invite you to join us in the pristine Mt. Shasta area to be supported in healing and moving into a new cycle of life.

During this retreat we will:

  • nurture you in your healing process
  • hold you in a safe and beautiful space
  • nourish you with wholesome, healthy meals
  • help you regain your sense of security and stability
  • make time to experience healing in nature
  • create a compassionate support group
  • help you express yourself with honesty and integrity
  • support you to experience your emotions authentically
  • give you more tools to add to your recovery toolbox empower you on your path to wholeness

“I found that when my heart is encased in ice, I need help with the chipping away and the thawing. Ana was kind and gentle yet insistent, which is what students need in order to grow.” — M.A.

“Kelly’s nurturing presence holds you with sacredness, kindness and unconditional love. She is able to cut through the darkness with her uncanny ability to see truth. It has been an honor to spend time with this powerful healer. I highly recommend her retreats if you have been experiencing struggles in your life and you need to be deeply healed in a quick and powerful way.”  ~Ariah Valesquez

“Ana’s calm presence, sense of humor, and ability to move the workshop at a comfortable pace gave me permission to be with whatever feelings arose.” — B.C.M.

“In my work with Ana, I learned that everyone has wounds, everyone can be healed, and acceptance is the key for me.”  — A.P.

“Thank you for your work, Ana. It was really helpful.  I received lots of insights, and appreciated how you showed up – energetically clean, grounded and respectful. Thank you so much for giving of yourself to me. — Karen Perry