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I’m currently working on my next book, Recovering from Addiction with the Healing Power of Forgiveness (or whatever the title will eventually be…you get the idea). I’m interviewing people who’ve had deep forgiveness experiences with themselves and others, and who have touched emotional and spiritual sobriety because they forgave.

If we don’t forgive the hardships and trauma in our lives, we’ll self-medicate in various ways. We’ll try to fill the gaping hole with alcohol, food, opiates, work, shopping, sex…and use countless other strategies as well. Yet none of them will work. They don’t bring long term peace or sanity – ever.

Forgiveness, especially in the expanded version offered in my book, Forgive and Be Free, gives us our dignity, integrity and health back. For those who face addiction and their loved ones, it truly is a life-saver.

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