Breath Techniques

Breath Techniques 2010-12-02T20:46:20+00:00

One of the simplest and most powerful tools we have in creating lasting peace is the constant, loving support of our breath.

Ana teaches specific techniques to help you harness the power of your breath when you need it most, especially during times when you are feeling fear, anxiety, pain and hurt. By noticing what’s happening in your body in the moment, you will begin to learn about yourself. With practice, you’ll be able to take active steps to calm yourself – no matter what the situation.

Using the inhale to gain strength and clarity, you will feel connected to the creative Source of Life. Using the exhale – long and slow – you’ll learn to relax, open your mind and release tension out of your body.

The more you breathe consciously, the more peace you will have.  The more you open and release past pain, the more room you have for full breath, a full life, and full access to your intuitive wisdom. With more breath, you’ll have more oxygen in your blood, more relaxation and more happiness.