Accessing Intuitive Wisdom

///Accessing Intuitive Wisdom
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Ana Holub forgiveness flower

Intuitive wisdom has been revered throughout the ages.  Sometimes it’s called the sixth sense, a gut reaction, higher knowledge or inner guidance.  Sometimes, we give other people respect, or fear, because of their abilities to tap into this wisdom.  But in truth, we all have this resource and we can use it any time – but we have to know how to access it.

Unresolved memories of past pain cause emotional and psychic knots within our systems.  These memories take up a lot of energy and they can sap our life force.  With a lot of unhealed trauma from the past, we are not mentally clear  – so we’re unable to access our intuitive wisdom easily.  Even if we do contact it, we may doubt it, not listen to it, override its messages and/or distrust it.  When we do this, we make foolish decisions and wonder why consistent destructive patterns never seem to go away.

Ana offers an inner cleansing process of emotional release, forgiveness, learning soul lessons and spiritual rejuvenation.  You’ll unwind emotional and psychic knots during her powerful sessions, making it possible for you to gain greater and deeper clarity. Intuitive wisdom, which is constantly available, becomes readily accessible to you.  You’ll find it much easier to let go, tune in and start making clear decisions in all aspects of your life!

“I learned how to release and forgive… Ana was direct, to the point, and very knowledgeable.”  — Fidel Garcia

“Ana Holub is a very amazing healer who shares her compassion, understanding and charisma. I  recommend her for anyone wishing to heal emotional wounds. Turn to her for professional treatment and coaching!” — Eostar Kamala

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