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What is Forgiveness Counseling?  Will it help me heal my emotional pain, and  teach me to forgive myself and others?

During a session, we begin with non-religious prayer. It’s the prayer-of-the-moment, and it takes us into a sacred space for healing and re-alignment with compassion and truth. This sacred space forms the foundation for all of the healing work that happens during the session.  Then, Ana listens while you tell your story. Together, we look at the underlying assumptions, emotions and spiritual principles operating in your situation. Ana guides you to feel your body’s wisdom, use your breath to open up, and release the pain and burdens of your heart. Your perceptions shift and your life becomes meaningful in an entirely different way. Once this happens, your behavior will change, your relationships will improve, and new opportunities will appear.

Learning forgiveness is a step-by-step process that is simple and clear.  All it takes is honesty, openness and willlingness (HOW) to begin. Also, trust in a loving, higher power becomes essential during the session. With these qualities, anyone can learn to forgive.

Forgiveness leads to better health and more energy. Life becomes centered on what is happening NOW instead of being mired in what happened in the past. You learn from the past and move on to a better life. Clients often find a new, invigorating sense of purpose and joy.

Do you need RELIEF FROM EMOTIONAL PAIN? Forgiveness Counseling can help with…

• a relationship challenge, break-up or divorce
• anger and guilt over relationships with your parents, children, siblings or other family issues
• unfinished business with a close friend or business associate
• low self-esteem
• grudges and resentment
• need to forgive yourself and let go of shame
• “feeling stuck” in life
• suffering from unhealthy recurring patterns
• past or current experience with any kind of addiction or abuse
• a big desire for joy!
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“Ana Holub is the Indiana Jones of self-discovery!”  – V. Song, writer and healer

Ana Holub is a certified Radical Forgiveness Coach. She trained extensively with Colin Tipping, author and founder of the Institute of Radical Forgiveness, and co-wrote his book, Why You Still Need To Forgive Your Parents. In addition to Radical Forgiveness, she includes simple prayer, somatic body wisdom, breath, listening, emotional release, and receiving grace…for a rich healing soup that tastes Divine. Learn more about Ana here.

What People Are Saying About Forgiveness Counseling with Ana

“Ana is a fine coach in every respect. She is extremely skillful, insightful and intuitive, as well as sensitive and kind in her approach.”  – Colin Tipping, originator of Radical Forgiveness

“Ana, after our work together I landed my dream job with an international consulting company. I know there is NO way I could have achieved this without the work we did together prior to the interview. Our sessions helped me to fully accept myself and regain my self confidence. Your guidance and wisdom still serve as my spiritual harness today and I cannot thank you enough for skillfully navigating me through some of my most darkest hours.”  – Karen Boskemper

“I feel so much more energy and new client calls are coming in today, Ana.  You are so gifted. Thank you thank you thank you. Immense gratitude and appreciation for who you are. Your soul is beautiful and you hold such a sacred and holy space for this work. Deep bow and soulful smile to you.”    – Karen Wilson, Sausalito, CA

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Breath of Life

During face-to-face Forgiveness Counseling sessions, Ana occasionally uses deep breathing techniques, often called “breathwork,” to accentuate the healing process. Breath of Life sessions will connect you to your spiritual wisdom and help you to integrate the changes in perception that happen when you forgive yourself and others. Ana has 20 years of experience using and sharing breathing techniques. Breath of Life sessions are always optional, and aren’t available during phone sessions.