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For Couples

Growing Together – For Couples in Committed Relationships

Need some support in your relationship?

Come learn and grow with your Beloved.

Private sessions and classes include communication skills, exploring

• gender differences  • resolving conflicts  • spirituality and intimacy  •  laughter and relief!

Schedule a private couples session either in person or by phone or skype.

Ana works extensively with couples using Forgiveness Counseling and Communication Skills. She focuses on building respect and trust, opening hearts, being honest, and sharing creativity in the challenging areas of relationships: intimacy, time, space, child rearing, money, sex and more. Ana’s work is in the area of healing and life skills education. She does not offer traditional marriage therapy.

Learn skills during the class ~ practice them at home

Growing Together is offered as a 6 week series in Mount Shasta, CA, and also in a weekend workshop format. Please contact Ana for information about bringing Growing Together to your town or city.

Testimonials about Growing Together classes and workshops:

“The work in class has been useful for us individually and for our relationship. We are much more tolerant and energetically clear with each other… it has been very renewing for our relationship and it continues to unfold…”

— Amy & Rick

“Ana gave us some great ‘nuggets’ to work with..simple exercises to drop into an openhearted place from which to communicate.”

— David & Jan

“We’re smiling, knowing that we have helped ourselves be a better team.

There is a new lightness and joy in our relationship now.”

— Barbara & Tom

“Growing Together with Ana Holub is a great gift to give yourself and your partner. Ana facilitated us in exploring our personal tendencies, cultural and gender biases, and means of communication, in order to find a more loving and truthful approach to interacting. She also provided communication and self-evaluation tools for us to continue our work outside of the classroom–tools which will be useful to us for the rest of our lives.”

— Greg Bookout

“The classes were all very well put together; they flowed well one into the next; the material and the way you presented it was clear and easy to follow, informative and heart opening.

The handouts helped me contemplate my own issues and they were good “at home” practice. Some of the worksheets I found very helpful in revealing unconscious patterns from the past operating today. I appreciated the way you reviewed material to make sure we understood it. I especially enjoyed the energy work and the questioning we did as couples to deepen our truth and connection.

Learning the skills to look into myself for both the cause as well as the resolution of conflict or negativity, is Freedom and Love itself. I highly recommend your workshop. Thank-you Ana!”

— Shauna Bookout