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About Ana

Forgive and Be Free Workshop participants say:

“Ana, it is only today that I became aware of the most powerful moment of yesterday’s forgiveness workshop. It was that small glimpse of infinity, of oneness. I sobbed with joy as the realization of this ineffable perfection/pattern/interplay became even more immediate and the glimpse became a point of view from which all life is totally magical.  There are no words, no way to explain. There is nothing to fear, truly. There is nothing wrong, ever. Well, it won’t be any clearer no matter how hard I try to express this marvelous state I’m in. I feel so incredibly alive and powerful and grateful and joyful today! Privileged, blessed, full of possibilities! Thank you so much again for the gifts you gave all of us yesterday, and most particularly for the special gift to me that arrived fully today.”  — Karen, workshop participant

Letting Go with Forgiveness e-course

“Ana, I am so glad I am taking your Forgiveness course. Compassion and understanding are seeping through my efforts to understand, seek and choose forgiveness instead of the opposite: defeat, shame, frustration and feeling like a victim, if that makes sense. I choose forgiveness~Thank you for bringing understanding to what can bring such a blockage in perspective in life when I hold onto things. I thought holding was protecting but it is in forgiveness and letting go that a shift truly comes. I choose forgiveness~Thank you for bringing understanding-HOPE.”   — Michelle from Wisconsin

“Hallelujah! I now have the tools that I need to move through this old undigested stuff. My prayer, as always has been answered.” – Annette

“I sooo love this course. From my heart, I remember this truth.” – Nuttah

“Practicing unconditional love has made me tons happier and burned away all of my emotional baggage. This course has taught me that my past is just a bunch of “stories” with as much meaning as I subjectively assign them.” – Ky

“I LOVE the meditative sound bytes Ana they feel wonderful. I know it is very important to turn my attention away from resentment and towards acceptance and love, thank you Ana for helping us do this.” – Patricia

Forgiveness for Families

“I want to thank you for shining awareness (and forgiveness) on my family tree. Your ability to hold space and enable us to see and feel the walls of those deeply embedded labyrinths was incredible! I know the reverberations will be felt on many levels. I could feel the work and realization processing many days afterward. I am grateful, as well, for the intimate glimpses of the microcosms within my parents; these were expressions, thought forms, and beliefs one wouldn’t ordinarily see. What a gift your presence! I am still so amazed at your strength, quietness and beauty.” — V. Alboitiz, Buenos Aires, Argentina, after a family session with both of her parents

“My experience with Ana’s coaching session was beautiful. With her compassion and wisdom had helped me to heal the part of me that was not able to give to and love my daughter the way she needed to be loved. My relationship with my daughter is closer now then ever. Recently, while I was building a game for my daugher and her cousins to play, I had a some trouble putting the pieces together. One of her cousins was concerned and asked if I was able to build it. My daughter responded to his concern, “My mommy has my Love. She can do anything!” I was amazed that came out of her for she’s only six. It was so innocent but yet wise. I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with Ana.” — A. Yen, loving mother

Forgiveness Counseling for Individuals and Couples

“Wow…I feel lighter and I am able to speak my truth so much easier and more calmly.
I have less fear. I am open and flowing…very exciting. Thank you so much.”  — Tracy Tober, Ashland OR

“Ana is a fine coach in every respect. She is extremely skillful, insightful and intuitive, as well as sensitive and kind in her approach. I have received numerous reports from people she has worked with and they all say how professional she is and how much she has helped them move through their issues, quickly and easily. I am very proud to have her associated with the Institute for Radical Forgiveness and personally hold her in high regard.” — Colin Tipping, Director, The Institute for Radical Forgiveness, Inc.

“I have sent a number of patients to Ana with excellent results. I usually send those that have failed other therapies and are the hardest to treat, and she’s done wonders with them. I highly recommend Ana!.”  — Deborah Ann Higer, MD

“”During my forty years in Mount Shasta I have heard few as enthusiastic comments about any practitioner here as I have heard about Ana. In one month two different people told me, unsolicited,  that their session with Ana was the most exciting and expansive work they had experienced in a long time, and that their session  had helped them make deep, long lasting changes in their life.”  — Peter Mt. Shasta, author of Adventures of a Western Mystic

“Ana, after our work together I landed my dream job with an international consulting company. I know there is NO way I could have achieved this without the work we did together prior to the interview. I would still have felt really bad about myself … our sessions together helped me to fully accept myself and regain my self confidence. Your guidance and wisdom still serve as my spiritual harness today and I cannot thank you enough for skillfully navigating me through some of my most darkest hours.”  — Karen Boskemper

“As emptied out as I was after our session, I made it to the post office on time!! whew, success. Then I found some new energy to pick up all my mail that has been at the post office for two months. Today I sorted through it… and now I am cleaning my house,…and if that weren’t enough, new client calls are coming in today. I feel so much more energy, Ana. You are so gifted. Immense gratitude and appreciation for who you are. Your soul is beautiful and you hold such a sacred and holy space for this work. Deep bow and soulful smile to you.” — Karen Wilson, Sausalito, CA

“If I am able to come near to your standards as a coach I will be thrilled…You’re “top class” as we say back home in Ireland!”  — Clodagh, Radical Forgiveness Coach, Ireland

“Ana Holub is the Indiana Jones of self-discovery! ”  — Victoria Song, healer and writer, Mt. Shasta, CA

“Ana is an incredibly gifted guide for emotional healing. She helped me reverse my lifelong pattern of repressing and running from pain. With her support, I learned how to stay present with and embrace whatever emotions arise. Thanks again for the huge contribution you made to my life!” — Andrew Oser

“I’m feeling a quiet joy, and I notice that fear and anxiety are not running the show. Curiosity has taken their place.” — KK, Boulder, CO

“I consulted with Ana on an employment issue I was having. Basically, I finally had my dream job, in a temp-to-perm position. I heard that this company usually hired you on permanently around the 90 day mark. Well, my 90 days had come and gone. I was now six months into this new job and doing it extremely well, and still no permanent offer. I was very sad. I had no health benefits, paid holidays, and a lower temp wage. I had also developed some “issues” with a couple of people in my department that I felt didn’t want me there and who had been unfair to me. I thought I hid this pretty well. Well, after working through my “real” feelings and attitudes with Ana regarding this, I got a permanent offer within a week and a half! I was thrilled! I also successfully negotiated a higher hourly rate for myself.  Also, I was offered a great project and worked a lot of overtime to get it completed. I never could have worked late into the night with some of my co-workers on several nights if I hadn’t worked with Ana. It’s nice to know you have somewhere to turn for help when your boat looks like it might run ashore. Bon Voyage!”  — Rachael Bright, Tustin, CA

From participants in the Mount Shasta Forgiveness Experience 2 Day Retreat:

“I touched a new place of forgiveness. The process took me deeper and further than I expected. I learned that the feelings are more important than the story. Connecting with the feelings is a necessary step to release them and make room for love, connection and peace to occur. Ana was lovely, precise, and knowledgeable, while keeping people on track and pointing out the core issue.”  — M.S., McCloud, CA

“Ana very skillfully led us into great depth. What we’d held, perhaps for centuries, was gently laid open for the light and love of the Divine.” — Diana Gazes, Mount Shasta

“I reached a new level of forgiveness, and surprised myself about how open I was. I really feel that we are always doing this work on ourselves but I was blocked for a while – for a long while. I learned that it’s okay just to trust and let go – that whatever is inside is not so awful to share. Ana was gentle but direct and provided just the right amount of support and prompting.” — Stephane Posson, Mount Shasta

From participants in the 1 day Forgive Yourself retreat:

“I absolutely touched a new place of forgiveness today! I learned a simple, effective approach to the heavy loads I’ve been carrying, and how to work with that in a way that … lays a path through the darkness.” — Anon

“I received lots of insights, and appreciated how you showed up, Ana – energetically clean, grounded and respectful. You weren’t in your ego, like I’ve experienced a lot in workshop settings. You held really gorgeous space, in a way that was open and vast. This is also rare, in my experience. Thank you so much for giving of yourself to me. It was very, very valuable.” — K.P.

“Today, a deeper layer has emerged. Simplicity is the king, queen, truth! I’m re-directing towards a life of grace and beauty. Ana was clear, solid, compassionate and true. Hers was a container of safety and self-discovery – just the right dose, the perfect balance of surrender and receptivity, letting go and staying present, simplicity and thoroughness. Thank you!” — C. Naramore

More testimonials from private session clients

“Ana Holub is remarkably gifted at helping people come back to their Soul Nature. She will guide you gently to a place of trust, helping to break apart the illusions of unworthiness and shame with such purity and commitment to truth that there really is no time for staying stuck.

I met Ana Holub a year ago when I was in the midst of a painful divorce. She helped me find truth and clarity in my words, actions, and choices. At the same time, she allowed me to discover how to hold compassion for my ex, the pain, and myself.

When I have sessions with Ana, I feel as though I’ve done months of work in two hours. She is wise and knowledgeable in her ability to work with deep pain and helped me make the shift into a miraculous consciousness of self. Then I could remember what my soul is really calling forth. Ana’s complete presence in body, spirit, and words has allowed me to make huge shifts in my thinking and ways of being.”  — A.K, San Francisco

“Thank you, Ana. The shift inside me must be manifesting externally as I keep getting comments that I seem so calm. The other night I didn’t react to my partner’s negative, frustrated mood but was able to just listen and not take it or let it affect me personally – and the energy did change and he found calmness.”  — Anonymous

“Ana, you are amazing. Our healing session is STILL unfolding for me. You really pointed out the roots of what looks like my LIFE PATTERN and I’m loving removing each root-leg one at a time. It has made me so much more alert to my consciousness….”  — Brie, Washington, DC


“Ana’s wise expertise enabled us to discover solutions and made even the most difficult communications possible. Ana embodies a peace, clarity and wisdom which in itself inspired us to handle our conflict with ease. She is an excellent facilitator and someone who sincerely ‘walks her talk’.  — Danielle Light, ShastaSpirit, Mount Shasta

“Working with Ana Holub transformed a tense, strained relationship between two co-workers into a productive, supportive one. Miraculous, as everyone involved had given up on the possibility of a resolution, and yet the whole office atmosphere became more pleasant and energized with better communication. Ana, your work saved us from a lawsuit. Consider us great fans of yours!”  — Kathleen and Joseph Heller, Hellerwork, Mount Shasta

“We can work it out…”  — Lennon/McCartney

Communication Skills

“Ana Holub’s work serves as a catalyst for a powerful, transformative interaction between people, especially on issues that are sensitive and need a skilled communicator. She has true courage and knows how to encourage people to come from the best in themselves so as to create a win-win situation. Her contributions to our programs are very popular.” — Jacques Verduin, Executive Director, Insight Prison Project – San Quentin Prison

“Ana’s integrity and expertise in working with communication skills is compassionate and skillful. The way she blends her knowledge of communication issues with support for participants to find their own understanding shows her mastery and love for the work she does.” — Donna Bringenberg, Facilitator for at-risk families, Northern Valley Catholic Social Services, Yreka, CA

“Our program is run as a student democracy, and Ana’s workshop helped our student leaders learn to communicate, mediate conflicts, and lead school activities and meetings. Her warmth, intelligence, and considerable skill at working with people all made her an ideal choice for training our leadership council and judicial clerks. Thank you, Ana!” — Dave Theno, program coordinator, Golden Eagle Charter High School

Growing Together class for Couples

“The work in class has been useful for us individually and for our relationship. We are much more tolerant and energetically clear with each other… it has been very renewing for our relationship and it continues to unfold…”  — Amy & Rick

“Ana gave us some great ‘nuggets’ to work with..simple exercises to drop into an openhearted place from which to communicate.”  — David & Jan

“We’re smiling, knowing that we have helped ourselves be a better team. There is a new lightness and joy in our relationship now.” — Barbara & Tom

“The classes you presented were all very well put together; they flowed well one into the next; the material and the way you presented it was clear and easy to follow, informative and heart opening. The handouts were helpful in contemplating my own issues and they were good “at home” practice. Some of the worksheets I found very helpful in revealing unconscious patterns from the past operating today. I appreciated the way you reviewed material to make sure we understood it. I especially enjoyed the energy work and the questioning we did as couples to deepen our truth and connection.  Learning the skills to look into myself for both the cause as well as the resolution of conflict or negativity, is Freedom and Love itself. I highly recommend your workshop!” — Shauna Bookout

“Growing Together with Ana Holub is a great gift to give yourself and your partner. Ana facilitated us in exploring our personal tendencies, cultural and gender biases, and means of communication, in order to find a more loving and truthful approach to interacting with our partner. She also provided communication and self-evaluation tools for us to continue our work outside of the classroom–tools which will be useful to us for the rest of our lives.” — Greg Bookout

More Growing Together comments from participants:

• Growing Together got my partner and me on the same plane to be able to work through any challenges…it unified us. We will continue to work on the skills we learned!

• The exercises gave us practice in coming back to a simple place of loving when things get rough…

• Exceeded my expectations – very helpful!

• I wasn’t sure what to expect! I did expect to deepen my understanding of intimacy and communication with my partner…and that certainly happened. The exercises were very powerful.

• I learned new skills and was reminded of existing ones. I appreciate your view of the breathing and listening tools and non-verbal communication.