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Over the past twenty-five years, I have been fascinated by the roots of conflict, on both personal and international levels, and the path to peace.

In the early 80’s, I learned about the power of the breath to heal and expand consciousness. In 1982, after a lot of personal experimentation and training, I became a breath worker. I call my unique style of breath work Breath of Life.

After taking some time to have a family and raise my two children, I went back to school. My academic training is in Peace Studies (BA, Union Institute) and Dispute Resolution (MA, Pepperdine Law School). I studied the question of why human beings argue, why we so often resort to violence, and what we can do to create peace – internally and externally.

In 1996, I opened Mount Shasta Mediation Services, offering an alternative to litigation. Not long after that, I began offering Communication Skills classes in order to expand my clients’ peacemaking abilities. See the Client List below.

In the late 90’s, I discovered the work of Colin Tipping and Radical Forgiveness. I attended several workshops and underwent extensive training with Colin to become a certified Radical Forgiveness coach. I found that Radical Forgiveness was the perfect complement to mediation and communication skills. I’ve also completed domestic violence counselor training and 12 step work.

More recently, I’ve been delving into applications of forgiveness in the healing of addiction. In 2016, I completed Recovery Coaching training and became certified with Deanne Adamson/Being True To You. I now offer coaching for anyone who is committed to recovering from addictions of any kind. We explore many helpful tools and practice ecstatic forgiveness, not only to heal the original cause of the addictive behavior, but to heal from self-hatred, self-criticism and self-doubt.

As a peace educator, forgiveness counselor and recovery coach, I have worked with individuals and couples, for county government (Family Court Services), with prison inmates and at-risk families, with non-profit organizations, businesses and schools.

While working with thousands of people online and in person, I’ve developed my own style and teachings. Everything I do with my clients is geared toward greater self-knowledge, release of fear and pain, and deepening of intuitive wisdom. I include inspiration from A Course in Miracles, breath awareness, and reception of inner light for healing. This work involves the whole person – body, heart, mind and soul.

I am passionate about what I do, and I’m in love with the freedom that comes from combining honesty, radical forgiveness, breath and stillness. The journey is spiritual, but not religious.  It will move you into a whole new way of experiencing your life – and bring you to  true inner peace and a feeling of joy that feels natural and whole.

Find your freedom with forgiveness.

For a deeper look into my personal reasons for choosing forgiveness, read my story in Forgive and Be Free: A Step-by-Step Guide to Release, Healing and Higher ConsciousnessRead an excerpt and order the book here.

Client List (Partial)

In addition to guiding individuals and couples in emotional healing, I have worked for the following businesses, providing group facilitation and peace education.

Circle of Trust, Ashland, OR
Resolve Center for Dispute Resolution and Restorative Justice, Medford, OR
Singapore Women’s Leadership Forum, 2008
J.Aron & Company (Singapore) Pte
Defence Science & Technology Agency
Ministry of Defence (MINDEF)
Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels
Cargo Community Network Pte Ltd
BP Singapore Pte Ltd
Health Sciences Authority
Prosafe Production Pte Ltd
World Fuel Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Deutsche Telekom Asia Pte Ltd
Bunge AgriBusiness Singapore Pte Ltd
Women’s Economic Growth, Weed, CA
Jefferson Economic Development Institute, Mount Shasta, CA
San Quentin State Prison, Success Dorm Program, San Quentin, CA
Americorps, Yreka, CA
Insight Prison Project, San Rafael, CA
Wholesale Solar, Inc.
Family Court Services of Siskiyou County, Yreka
McCloud Elementary School
Sisson School, Mount Shasta
Dunsmuir Elementary School
Dunsmuir High School
Etna High School
Weed Elementary School
Yreka High School
Challenge Day, for Siskiyou Union High Schools
Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center
River Exchange of Dunsmuir
Hellerwork, Mount Shasta, CA
ShastaSpirit, Mount Shasta, CA
Shasta Family Care, with Dr. Debra Higer
Northern Valley Catholic Social Services, Yreka, CA
Mount Shasta Family Resource Center
Charlie Byrd Youth Corrections Center, Yreka, CA
Mercy Hospital Hospice, Mount Shasta, CA
ShastaCommons, Mount Shasta, CA
Local Grub Club, Mount Shasta, CA
Siskiyou Arts Council, Mount Shasta, CA
GardenShare – Siskiyou Land Trust, Mount Shasta, CA

Conferences and Festivals
See Jane Do – Passion in Action Conference for Women
Pranafest, Ashland, OR
Best of Mount Shasta
Wesak Festival, Mount Shasta
The Beloved Festival, Tidewater, OR
Peace Village Festival, Ashland, OR
International New Age Trade Show, Denver, CO
Mystic Rising Festival, OR
Good Medicine, OR