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About Ana

Peace educator, forgiveness counselor and recovery coach.

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Learn to forgive yourself and others.

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Ana Holub, Forgive & Be Free,
Mount Shasta 2014

Ana at Unity in Ashland, OR, 3/17

Ana interviewed on The Art of Conscious Living TV

Ana at Unity in Ashland, OR, 10/17

“Since my forgiveness session, I’ve experienced shifts in my inner landscape which have brought me divine peace, acceptance and, most significantly, deeper compassion. 

My post-session experiences include writing (and mailing) a responsive letter to my mom and a new readiness to move into deeper forgiveness of my ex-husband. The pain in my shoulder (which I’ve experienced for years) is diminishing and my morning ‘chamber of negativity’ experiences have vanished!

Spiritually, I feel a deeper connection with high dimensional guidance, and clarity of that guidance. In peaceful acceptance, I witness divinity in the world and the people around me. I’ve also experienced spontaneous, vivid clairvoyant images. I’m moving through my day from a point of … what are the right words?! … tender joyful celebration, infused with peace and love.  

Ana, your process/technique is exquisite! Thank you for the Light and Love you radiate. You are such a blessing to this world.” — Suzy D., Oregon